Commons Economy Generator

Common Economy Generator is a digital platform to facilitate the formation of commons-based economies. Our cities today are physical expressions of the extreme disregard for our communities and our planet held by the current political and economic system. Common Economy Generator aims to support those initiatives that are generating positive and inspiring transformations from within the fabric of our territories and planting the seeds for the city of the future.

The design has the following aims. Facilitating communication between existing Commons groups so they can exchange information, skills, resources and funds. Providing information, skills, resources and funds for new Commons groups to form. Building a common pool of information, skills, resources and funds to share between existing and new Commons groups. Allowing non-Commons groups and individuals to contribute and benefit from Commons based economies. Referring to a territory whose limits are defined by the possibility of exchanging without intermediaries other than the platform itself and human interaction. Being a Commons in itself: once joined a group becomes an active participant in its co-management.

We are experiencing an outburst of experimentation in new forms of organising, living, working, producing and exchanging, that are redefining the way people relate to one another and to their environment. These alternative structures, based on principles of self-management, direct democracy, self-sufficiency and de-growth, can be considered the transformative cells of a radically new society. However, projects often remain invisible and hidden not only to the great majority of us but also to each other, as by their very nature they tend to be local and autonomous, scattered and disconnected.

Common Economy Generator is a tool to facilitate existing groups to connect and new groups to form so that new solidarity economies can unfold and shape the fabric of our territories.

Ludovica Rogers
Architect and has worked on projects that involve sustainable design and self-organisation in the public space. She is part of national and international networks focusing on the Commons. She also designs website and supports grassroots organisations in the use of online platforms for collaboration.